Joleen Jansen

Joleen Jansen

Dear Clayton County Resident, I am a Clayton County business owner and live in on acreage south of Elkader near the Motor Mill. My husband Jim and I raised our family in Clayton County. I also serve as the program manager for the Clayton County Energy District, I teach faith formation at St. Joseph’s in Elkader and I am active community volunteer.

I am running for Clayton County Supervisor and I am asking for your vote. I am campaigning on the promise of being informed and open minded. As a new county leader with a progressive vision I will be strongly committed to building community by serving the interest of everyone. I do not represent special interest or have a personal agenda. A vote for me means a vote for someone who will practice good governance for the common good.

While using the county’s financial resources for the good of everyone, as your Clayton County Supervisor I will maintain a fiscally sound budget. I will also dedicate to wise land use and enhancing our beautiful county, especially in accordance with a new county comprehensive plan. I currently serve on the new comprehensive plan steering committee.

As a new supervisor, I will prioritize implementation of the fresh comprehensive plan. This plan addresses the many aspects of life in Clayton County such as: resident well being, housing needs, public health, infrastructure, our rich agricultural tradition, the natural resources, and importantly the county’s economic interests.

As a supervisor, I will be dedicated to being a good steward of Clayton County’s resources. I know through good governance, confidence can be instilled to Clayton County taxpayers and residents.
I look forward to meeting you and learning about issues most important to you. Thank you for your support and your vote. Please feel free to contact me at 563.880.7915 or Learn More about Joleen

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