We’re officially in campaign season! Congratulations to Fred Hubbell, Rep. Finkenauer, Lori Egan, Kayla Koether, Joleen Jansen and Dick Dinan for winning the Democratic nomination! Thank you to everyone who ran; we were lucky to have such a great group of Democrats!

According to Iowa Starting Line:

“Democrats Smash Turnout Records

By far the best news of the night for Democrats was the record turnout in many places around the state. Just over 100,000 voted in the 2016 Democratic primary. Only 72,388 showed up in 2014. Neither of those years had statewide contested primaries with big spending. 2006 was the last time that happened, and just under 150,000 came out then.

With a little over 90% of precincts reporting, Democrats already have a turnout of 175,000 in today’s primary. They will almost certainly surpass the turnout for the 2016 Iowa Caucus as well. That is, quite frankly, incredible.

Now that we are past the primary, we really need to hit the ground running! Below are upcoming events and actions.”

Here in Clayton County 300+ more voters voted in the Clayton County Democratic Primary compared to the last midterm primary in 2014!

Now it is time to campaign!!!

June 9 and 10th Statewide Weekend of Action

Join us on June 9 and/or 10th, the first weekend after the primary, as we demonstrate that Democrats are organized and ready to go! Below are the weekend of action events close to you! If you don’t see one in your community, sign up at the following link and we can make an event happen in your area! LINK TO SIGNUP

Clayton Co. June 9 Parade Voter Registration Strawberry Days
Strawberry Days Parade: 10:00 AM Line-up at Westwood Avenue
Monona Hay Days Parade: 10:00 AM Line-up at CVG Monona Fire Wire Lot

Allamakee June 10th 1:00 PM Voter ID Calls Home of Lori Egan 1211 Acreage Ln
Winneshiek June 9th 3:00 – 5:00 PM Voter ID Calls to Rural Winneshiek 408 Hillcrest Road, Decorah, Iowa 408 Hillcrest Road, Decorah, Iowa


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