Once again the weather is wreaking havoc on our ability to hold a meeting.  Tonight’s 2/7 meeting has been cancelled. Here are Chair Brian Bruening’s Meeting Announcements:

Virtual Meeting
February 7, 2019
Clayton County Democrats
1. Off Year Caucus Call
Our off year caucus will be on Saturday, March 23 at Keystone AEA in Elkader in Room D2-D3 at 8:30am.  We will elect Central Committee members for the year and take care of any relevant business.  Immediately after we will have our yearly organizational meeting in which we will elect officers and determine our meeting schedule for the year.  Please plan on attending this important meeting.
2. February Meeting
Our next monthly meeting will be on February 26 at 7pm at Keystone AEA in Elkader in Room D3.  
3. Clayton County Energy will be hosting Abby Finkenauer for a Clean Energy Tour and Information Session on 3/19.  More details will be forthcoming.
4. The First District Central Committee will be meeting on February 16 at NICC in Calmar.  I’m am looking for 3-4 people to help run the meeting.  Please contact Brian Bruening at bbruening@gmail.com if you are able to help.  We are hosting alongside Fayette and Winnesheik counties and as such are splitting the costs of the day.  Our expected contribution will be around $250.
5. Caucus 2020 is a year away, but we will start planning now.  If you would like to help plan the caucus or would like to serve at a caucus chair for your precinct, please contact Brian at bbruening@gmail.com.
6. Both Joleen Jansen and Dick Dinan want to offer their thanks to everyone who contributed to their campaigns.

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