We hosted a great picnic last night! Thanks to Turkey River Farm and Larry and Margaret Stone for delicious locally source pulled pork, the Dinans, Fran Zichal and Kathleen for organizing! Special thanks to State Representative Chuck Isenhart for joining us! Iowa Sec of Ag candidate Tim Gannon shared his hopeful message for the state of Iowa farming. In addition, both Gannon and Isenhart indicated, upon gaining Democratic majority, in the Statehouse the first order of business will be to fund IWILL, Iowa’s Water and Land Legacy… aka Iowa’s Natural Resource and Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund!
It is time to reverse the current downward spiral, and to return good governance for the common good. Let’s shift the balance of power, and elect Democrats in 2018. Clayton County Democrats CARE! and we are putting people first! WE must elect Joleen Jansen and Dick Dinan to the Clayton County Board of Supervisors, Kayla Koether to HD 55 and Lori Egan to HD 56!

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