As a life-long resident of Allamakee County and a nurse for over 30 years, my experience has taught me that in order for people to be productive members of our society, people must be healthy. We need to ensure rural Iowans can access quality local healthcare, including mental healthcare services. Our healthcare must be affordable. Some local residents currently have a $4,000 deductible per person in a four person household. Healthcare costs have escalated and our current legislators are not doing enough to address these costs for working Iowans. A healthy population is going to benefit everyone.
I’m concerned about the future of our working families and our rural communities. I’m running because economic opportunity should not be limited to those in urban communities. We need living wage jobs here in Clayton and Allamakee Counties. We need our families to be able to work one job that allows them to pay rent, buy groceries, and still have some money to put away for their “rainy day fund”. We need our parents to have the time and energy to raise their families and give back to their communities.
We need an education system that provides our kids with the skills to  land a good job in our local communities. We need to ensure our schools are safe environments for all of our children to learn, play, and grow. We need to address the funding disparities between our urban and rural school systems to allow our rural kids to have the same learning opportunities as urban kids.

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