The 2018 Legislature opened today. Our goal is to keep you informed on issues at the Statehouse and tell you about ways you can engage lawmakers.  If you have a few minutes, we hope you’ll take the quick survey below to tell us what issues are important to you. In this email, you will find links to stay connected, watch the opening day speeches from Democratic leaders, and get a quick preview of a few issues to keep an eye on this session.   If you have any ideas or suggestions to improve this email network, please let us know.

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— Iowa House & Senate Democrats


Opening Day Speeches

Senate Democratic Leader Janet Petersen

GOP’s Budget Deficit & Reynolds’ Illegal Transfer

Over the last few years, the GOP has mismanaged the state budget and turned a $900 million into a $259 million deficit. Last fall, Governor Reynolds illegally transferred millions to try and fix their problem.  Our job is to hold the GOP accountable session. We don’t believe Iowans should have to pay for the GOP budget mess with higher tuition, fewer opportunities for our kids, or higher property taxes.  Democrats will work this session to restore fiscal discipline and balance the budget.

Tax Reform
The top priority of the GOP this year is tax reform.  From what we know so far, the GOP plans to model their tax plan on changes recently made at the federal level.  That means the wealthy and huge corporations will beneift at the expense of working families. We believe that’s the wrong way to go.

Another top GOP priority this year is vouchers.  According to estimates on similar plans they’ve introduced, it would take over $200 million from public schools and give it to private schools and homeschools instead.  If you are interested in learning more about this or getting involved, click here 

 Medicaid Privatization
We all know privatization has been a disaster since day 1 and it keeps getting worse.  600,000 Iowans are impacted by privatization and too many are struggling to get the care they need.  We’re going to fight this session to end privatization and put Iowans back in charge. If you haven’t already, please join us and sign our petition to end privatization

Women’s Rights & Personhood
The GOP worked overtime last session rolling back the rights of women.  This year, the GOP says they plan to pass their personhood bill.  Here’s a link to a story with more information on GOP plans.

 Water Quality
Last session, House and Senate Republicans sent two different bills to each other but no bill was signed in to law.  While the Governor has said it’s a priority this year, we do not yet know any details of her propsal.

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