Saturday morning Americans woke up to one of the most irresponsible, dramatic policy changes in our nation’s history. While we were sleeping, the GOP turned the legislature into a circus and embarrassed us all. Why? To pass a tax bill that redistributes our hard earned money to the rich donors and corporations that fund their campaigns.
And then it got worse.
Our very own senior Senator Chuck Grassley “explained” that the wealthy deserve tax breaks more than the middle class because they invest and we are “just spending every darn penny we have, whether it’s on booze, or women or movies.”
No really, he actually said that.

Grassley and the GOP are out of touch with the middle-class. We need to send him a message now. Sign up for an action toolkit to hold them responsible. 

I don’t know about you, but my jaw dropped open when I heard what Senator Grassley said about hard-working Iowans. His elitism, toxic partisanship, and short-sighted party antics have gone too far.

He believes that he is untouchable because of his tenure in Congress. He thinks that he can embarrass you and belittle you with no recourse. He is wrong.

We need to send Senator Grassley a message. Insulting middle-class Iowans is not all right, and we will not stand for it. Click here to help us give Chuck Grassley a message.  

It’s time to fight back.

Troy Price
Iowa Democratic Party

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